Setting up a WordPress theme is a breeze. To get started, download the theme’s zip file to your computer.

After that, go to your WordPress admin area’s Appearance » Themes page. At the top of the themes page, click the Add New link.

You’ll be taken to a page where you can create a new theme. This page can be used to search and install free themes. Because we’ve already downloaded the theme, all you need to do now is select Upload theme from the top menu.

Now you’ll see the theme upload window. Select the theme zip file you previously downloaded to your computer using the choose file button, and then click the Install now option.

WordPress will now transfer the theme from your computer to your website and install it. Once the theme is finished, you’ll see a success message with buttons to preview or activate it.

You can utilize the live preview option to try out a theme without installing it if you don’t want to use it right away. Please remember that you must first activate a theme before you can use it on your website.

See our beginner’s guide to installing a WordPress theme for additional information.

How to Change WordPress Themes Without Getting Hacked

You may select and install the best theme for new WordPress sites. If you already have a WordPress site, you’ll need to update your theme to avoid any bad effects on the performance or SEO of your site.

First, you must understand what happens to a WordPress site when a theme changes. When You Change Your WordPress Theme, What Happens? When you change your WordPress theme, this is what happens.

Some of your WordPress site’s settings will be lost, and your new theme will not apply them right away. You must understand these notions and figure out how to use them in your new theme.

We’ve put together a handy checklist of things you should do before switching WordPress themes.

Then, to effectively switch WordPress themes on your site, follow the instructions in our tutorial.

We hope that this article helped locate the best WordPress theme for your website. You might also be interested in our essential WordPress plugins for business websites list.

Themes control your WordPress-powered website’s aesthetic appearance. There are so many alternatives for novices that it might be overwhelming. This is why we’ve created a guide to assist you in selecting the best WordPress theme.

Regularly, we offer lists of WordPress themes that we like in our Showcase section.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that can be used to create several different types of websites. As a result, each theme targets a specific demographic.

Your WordPress theme should suit the information on your website. You’ll want a theme that makes it easy to read if you’re starting a blog on politics or social issues.

Many WordPress themes offer a wide range of customization options. If not coded correctly, these options can make switching themes and using other WordPress plugins impossible. Either you’ll have to live with that theme or pay a developer to assist you to alter it.

On the other hand, certain aesthetically pleasing WordPress themes can slow down your site. Everyone dislikes slow websites, including Google, which prefers to rank faster websites higher.


Your WordPress theme is your website’s public face, and it has a big influence on how users and search engines see it.